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Next-generation Batteries for Electric Vehicles and Stationary Storage

Image of Dr. Yan Yao

Guest Speaker: Dr. Yan Yao, Professor, Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering, University of Houston

The quest for cheaper, safer, higher-density, and more resource-abundant energy storage has driven significant battery innovations. In the context of materials development for next-generation batteries, organic battery electrode materials that store charge with dedicated redox groups have emerged as an exciting option complementary to inorganic materials and demonstrated unique advantages in novel battery technologies.

In his presentation, Dr. Yan Yao will review his group’s research activities in energy storage including a number of case studies. Dr. Yao will emphasize the organic battery materials design in emerging rechargeable battery technologies such as solid-state batteries, multivalent metal batteries, and aqueous batteries. Dr. Yao will also discuss an integrated battery diagnostic platform for structural, chemical, and mechanical characterizations that could provide fundamental insights into the failure mechanisms of solid-state batteries.