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UH Energy 2022-23 Symposium Series | Managing CCUS: Risk and Financing

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Risk understanding and management is the key to unlocking financial investment in the carbon capture, utilization and storage (CCUS) marketplace. The unknown and potential liabilities are the factors that can cause investors to overestimate the liabilities and potential of CO2 responsibility. In fact, it can stall investment completely. Clarity and certainty are the words that are often spoken, and this session is for those that must assess long term liability of CO2 storage. With this in mind, the UH Division of Energy and Innovation's Center for Carbon Management in Energy, alongside co-sponsor Hunton Andrews Kurth, will bring together experts in geologic storage, experts from the financial and legal community – with a specific focus on regulatory insight - and experts from the risk insurance marketplace to start and lead essential dialogue in an interactive setting, with the objective of providing a sound understanding of the state of play in the CCUS marketplace.

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2022-2023 UH Energy Symposium Series - Managing CCUS: Risk and Financing

Thursday, December 8th 2022

CCUS Solutions for Commercialization

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Charles "Chuck" McConnell

UH CCME Energy Center Officer

Carbon Capture, Utilization and Storage (CCUS) projects are gaining even greater momentum globally and especially here in our gulf coast region. It is clear that CCUS is a requirement – not simply an option. However, the challenge of long term liability and responsibility for stored CO2 remains. Please join as at our UH Center for Carbon Management (CCME) on Dec 8 for groundbreaking insights and perspectives from experts in the marketplace. Not simply discussions but solutions from those in the industry leading commercialization.