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Studies in Accountancy and Taxation prepare students for measuring and analyzing the income, costs, sources and uses of funds of an organization on the basis of certain generally accepted principles. Such measurements and analyses are helpful to those directly responsible for attaining production, marketing and financial objectives. 

The goals of the undergraduate program in accounting are to provide graduates with the ability to:

  1. Record, analyze, and interpret financial and other information,
  2. Identify and diagnose accounting problems,
  3. Communicate business information in a clear and concise manner,
  4. Recognize ethical and regulatory dilemmas, and
  5. Demonstrate an understanding of accounting and financial concepts

Energy Applications

Careers are available in corporate, non-profit and government organizations, as well as in the field of public accounting. Accounting students also have the opportunity to learn the most up-to-date theory and practice in the field of oil and gas and energy accounting through the O&G Certificate. Students who focus in this area may be eligible to receive a certificate in oil and gas accounting and work toward employment in that field.

The job outlook for accounting is stable with a current median pay of $69,200 per year according to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics.

Energy-Related Degree Options

University of Houston offers a BBA and MSACCY in Accountancy.


Accounting enrollment at the University of Houston has been stable from 2009 to 2013. Accounting degrees awarded have also been stable in four years (2009-2013).

Student Associations

Accounting Society
Beta Alpha PSI