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The Challenge

UH Energy and CenterPoint Energy want to commission you to design a car for the 32nd Annual Houston Art Car Parade. Winners will create and build the design on a Nissan Leaf provided by the City of Houston and ride in the parade!

UH Energy will offer a student competition to find the winning design. Design concept should be easily linked to sustainability and/or electric cars.

The car provided will be an electric vehicle so the theme of the design challenge will be sustainability.

Theme and Requirements

  • UH Energy, the City of Houston, and Centerpoint Energy’s partnership, EVolve Houston, should be incorporated in the design.
  • The design should represent clean, sustainable transportation.
  • The designs must be completely removable following the Parade and should cause no damage to the vehicle.
  • The design will be created on a Nissan Leaf.
  • Design budget must not exceed $2,500 for complete design and build-out.

Important Dates

March 4th Registration Closes

March 22nd Presentation of Designs 5:00, CBB 118

April 1st Car on Campus for Buildout

April 11th Art Car Parade Sneak Peak

April 13th Art Car Parade


  • Create drawing using the templates provided.
  • Create a visual presentation – include design and rationale.
  • Prepare a budget of expected costs for design buildout.
  • Present a timeline for buildout.
  • Identify materials that will be used and suppliers on where materials can be sourced.

Rubric For Presentations:



Adherence To Theme






Additional Resources

The Orange Show: Center For Visionary Art
Houston Art Car Klub

Additionally, please feel free to CONTACT US with any other questions you may have concerning this event.