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What is the Energy Coalition?

The Energy Coalition is a student organization that works towards solidifying UH's position internationally as The Energy University. The Energy Coalition was formed to bring together students from various colleges and organizations who plan to pursue careers in the energy industry. It fosters communication and collaboration among students who, though pursuing similar career paths, may otherwise never have the opportunity to work together and learn from each other. The largest student group on campus, the Energy Coalition has 34 member student organizations and over 5,000 student members, both undergraduate and graduate, from six colleges across campus. The Energy Coalition’s Executive Board also serves as Energy Ambassadors for UH Energy.


Our Mission

We are the Energy Coalition. The University of Houston has several Colleges that excel Individually, but rarely do Colleges communicate and collaborate with one another. WE are that solution. As the Energy Coalition, we are the first collaborative environment that fosters multidisciplinary communication and collaborations amongst various colleges and organizations.

We are the Largest student organization on campus with over 5,000 members campus wide. With over 34 student organizations being a part of the coalition, we are a one-stop-outlet to a wide variety of multidisciplinary opinions.


Joyce Haller Levy, Chair | Energy Coalition

Image of Energy Coalition Chair Joyce Haller Levy

Joyce Haller Levy currently serves as the Chair of the Energy Coalition at the University of Houston. She is double majoring in Economics & Finance and aspiring a minor in Computational Sciences focused on artificial intelligence. Joyce has extensive experience in the leadership field & energy sector. She had the opportunity to be President of the Model of United Nations, a simulations in school, where she held the responsibility of the committee and duties of the delegations.

In addition, Joyce has been working with the Energy Industry, developing software solutions for optimization of assets while holding a Business & Software Analyst position. In her free time, Joyce enjoys volunteering at the Texas Medical Center and she looks forward to becoming part of Moores School of Music to pursue classical piano. In addition, Joyce participated in the “Energy City of the Future Competition 2019” awarding 2nd place, presenting innovative concepts for the future forms of energy production and developing a vision for the Energy Industry in the year 2050.

Her passion for the University of Houston and its positioning in the Energy Capital of the World, lead her to join the Energy Coalition as the first female Chair. Joyce is committed to ensure a bright future for the Energy Coalition as striving towards excellence and success.

Major Events


Searching for an internship or a full-time job? The Energy Coalition hosts the only Energy Career Fair on campus in collaboration with University Career Services. Energy companies from across the Houston area will be in attendance looking to hire.


Students will have the opportunity to learn about the Energy Coalition, the University of Houston, the city of Houston itself, and how all three tie together to create the Energy Capital of the World. We host various speakers from different sectors of the energy and give great prizes to members.


A night of great food, networking, and celebration! At the Energy Banquet, we celebrate the world of energy. Our guests include students, esteemed alumni, CEO's of energy companies around the Houston area, government officials, and many more!

Major Achievements

  • Received Official Certificate of Congressional Recognition from The United States House of Representatives.
  • Largest energy-focused (independent of national chapter) student organization in the country.
  • First Ever Student Group to be honored with podium time at Houston Wildcatters Event.