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Dr. Adry Bissada, Professor of Petroleum Geochemistry, Director of Center for Petroleum Geochemistry

Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences, College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics


Areas of expertise

  • Petroleum geochemistry/organic geochemistry
  • Unconventional oil & gas resources (oil shale; extra-heavy Oil; gas & liquids-rich shale)
  • Petroleum system studies and basin modelling
  • Geologic & geochemical controls on hydrocarbon generation, migration & accumulation
  • Impact of invasive reservoir simulation practices on reservoir souring



  • Mei, M., Bissada, K. K., Malloy, T. B., Darnell, L. M., Szymcyk, E. B. 2017. Improved Method for Simultaneous Determination of Saturated and Aromatic Biomarkers, Organosulfur Compounds and Diamondoids in Crude Oils by GC-MS/MS. Organic Geochemistry, Accepted.
  • Bissada, K. K., Tan, J. Q., Szymczyk, E. B., Darnell, L. M., Mei, M., 2016. Group-type characterization of crude oil and bitumen. Part I: Enhanced separation and quantification of saturates, aromatics, resins and asphaltenes (SARA). Organic Geochemistry 95, 21-28.
  • Bissada, K. K., Tan, J. Q., Szymczyk, E. B., Darnell, L. M., Mei, M., 2016. Group-type characterization of crude oil and bitumen. Part II: Efficient separation and quantification of normal-paraffins iso-paraffins and naphthenes (PIN). Fuel 173, 217-221.
  • Pernia, D., Bissada, K. K., Curiale, J., 2015. Kerogen based characterization of major gas shales: Effects of kerogen fractionation, Organic Geochemistry 78, 52-61.
  • Banga, T., Capuano, R.M., Bissada, K.K., 2011. Petroleum generation in the SE Texas Basin-Implications to hydrocarbon occurrence at the S. Liberty salt dome: AAPG Bulletin 95, 1257-1291.
  • Ibrahimov, R. A., Bissada, K. K., 2010. Comparative analysis and geological significance of kerogen isolated using open-system (palynological) versus chemically and volumetrically conservative closed-system methods. Organic Geochemistry 41, 800-811.
  • Charrié-Duhaut, A., Connan, J., Darnell, M., Spangenberg, J., Szymczyk, E., Bissada, K. K., Albrecht, P., 2009. Molecular and isotopic characterization of organic samples from the wreck of the Saint-Etienne merchant ship (18th Century): Identification of pitch, fat, hair and sulfur. Organic Geochemistry 40, 647-665.
  • Robison C. R., Elrod, L. W., Bissada, K. K., 1998. Petroleum generation, migration, and entrapment in the Zhu 1 depression, Pearl River Mouth basin, South China Sea. International Journal of Coal Geology 37, 155-178.
  • Bissada, K. K., Elrod, L. W., Robison, C. R., Darnell, L. M., Szymczyk H. M., Trostle, J. L., 1993. Geochemical inversion - A modern approach to inferring source-rock identity from characteristics of accumulated oil and gas. Energy Exploration & Exploitation 11, 295-328.
  • vanGijzel, Peter C. R., Smith, M. A., Bissada, K. K., Lerche, I., Liu, J. C., 1992. Thermal history modeling of the Georges Bank, U.S.A.: Thermal inversion of Transmittance Color Index (TCI) and Vitrinite Reflectance (VR) data. Applied Geochemistry 7, 135-143.

More publications available in faculty website above and CV below.


  • Mobile system for in situ acquisition of carbon isotope data on natural gas-08/13/2004
  • Apparatus for continuous recovery of certain elements from a combustible liquid-08/25/1992

Funded Research

  • Knowledge Reservoir: Petroleum systems and geochemistry program grant - $93,578 (2011)

Curriculum Vitae

Contact information

Science and Research Building 1, Room 103
Phone: 713-743-4026