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    Regristation is currently closed. Please check back soon for information regarding next ESG in Energy program session

  • Pricing

    Individual Bagdes: $1,000 | Packaged Badges(3): $2,700

  • Schedule

    Framework Badge Begins: February 14th |ESG Risk Badge Ends: April 28th

    MON & THURS | 4:30pm - 7:00pm

Executive Summary

The energy industry is undergoing a transition as it addresses its role in meeting the continued growth in demand for energy while ensuring it is cost competitive, sustainable, and its use is environmentally safe. This is increasing scrutiny on how energy companies manage their Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) performance. UH Energy, at the University of Houston, is offering the ESG in Energy Program aimed at helping train individuals and provide skills and tools towards developing, implementing and managing the ESG program for energy companies.

Whether you are just starting to address these types of issues or you have been at it for a while, this program can equip energy professionals – current and future – with the necessary skills to address this changing – and challenging – landscape over the coming years. The program focuses on developing (or enhancing) your ESG framework, managing of stakeholders and integrating ESG into your enterprise–wide risk management practices.

Designed and presented by leaders from industry and accomplished faculty from the University of Houston, the program provides the necessary frameworks and skillsets through a structured series of micro-credentials or “badges.” Instruction for each badge consists of 6, 2.5-hour online sessions and built with the rigor of an academic program, including evaluations. The participants gain hands-on experience with real world examples and case studies, and must meet the academic standards in order to be awarded the badges.


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Why This Program?

The energy industry faces challenges in the ESG area that include increased public expectations and actions amidst a global pandemic, growing environmental and climate actions, worker and community health and safety, and acknowledgement of basic human rights for all, and more principled corporate governance.

For this reason, UH Energy, at the University of Houston, has developed the ESG in Energy Program, to equip current and aspiring professionals in the energy industry to further their skills in this ever-evolving field. Industry experts who have designed, developed and managed ESG and CSR programs over the past couple of decades will share insights, tools and expertise, while allowing for opportunities to customize concepts, models, frameworks and management systems to fit your own business needs.

UH Energy is delivering this program in collaboration with its Consortium for Energy Corporate Social Responsibility (CECSR) Advisory Board.

Who should attend?

This series of micro-credentials is designed for current energy industry professionals and those aspiring to join the energy industry’s ESG workforce. It will enhance your capabilities through engaging, thought-provoking insights, together with opportunities to enhance skills critical for success in ESG in Energy. The field continues to evolve rapidly in the highly competitive energy market place, and it requires cutting-edge, state-of-the-art training.





Badge Bundle (Badges 1, 2 & 3, purchased together):


 ALL 3


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Credentialing Overview

Instruction for each badge consists of 6, 2.5-hour online sessions. Micro-credential badges are awarded for each module, three in total, for the ESG in Energy Program. The earned badges are a permanent addition to your skillset and resume. After successfully completing the program, you can incorporate micro-credential badges from UH into your LinkedIn profile and resume.

Framework Development Badge

The world is undergoing an energy transition with a focus on providing a growing global population with affordable, reliable and sustainable energy. This is placing increasing importance on how energy businesses’ address their ESG performance. Participants in this badge will get training in developing a framework for managing ESG in their organization, and a roadmap for its implementation. This includes:

  • Gain an understanding of the various dimensions of ESG
  • Learn how energy companies in different segments of the industry approach ESG:
    • Areas of focus
    • Reporting of ESG performance
    • Integration of ESG into company operations
    • Skills and tools required to manage ESG
  • Industry practitioners and subject matter experts will share their knowledge through case studies on differing levels of engagement in ESG.
  • Participants will work through examples and case studies:
  • Utilizing an ESG Framework participants will develop the ESG plan for their company
Framework development badge

Stakeholder Management Badge

Building trusting relationships with key business stakeholders is a key cornerstone of any successful ESG/Business program. This badge covers aspects of how to build, maintain and manage stakeholder relationships in the energy industry. This includes:

  • Identifying key internal and external stakeholders
  • Assessment of stakeholder needs
  • Development of stakeholder strategies and their implementation including engagement, communication, monitoring & reviewing of progress and impact
  • Development of engagement capabilities of operations and other staff interfacing with stakeholders
  • Develop a companywide stakeholder management process for ESG

Industry practitioners and subject matter experts will share their knowledge about Stakeholder Management through case studies. Participants will work through examples and case studies to develop their Stakeholder Management capabilities through established frameworks and strategies.


Managing ESG Risk Badge

Managing Risk is an important and integral part of managing any energy business. Entities track the major risks to the business and report on actions taken to manage them as part of their Annual Report. Participants in this badge will develop a comprehensive understanding, of how to build a risk management process as it pertains to ESG programs in the energy industry and they will learn tools and techniques to facilitate this process.

  • Identifying ESG risks in the energy industry
  • Established Frameworks for assessment of ESG risk
  • Management plans for ESG Risk
  • Incorporating ESG risks assessment into business and company risk and their monitoring and evaluation

Industry practitioners and subject matter experts will share their knowledge about ESG risk through case studies. Participants will work through examples and case studies using ESG Risk Management tools.


Learning Objectives

Upon successfully completing the ESG Badges, participants will understand and be skilled at:

  • The evolution of ESG and its importance to business
  • ESG and CSR core competencies, skills and responsibilities that are essential for developing your ESG framework, strategy and management buy-in.
  • Building an ESG framework for your company
  • Building a stakeholder management process and incorporating it in your existing business processes.
  • Building an ESG risk management process and integrating it into the company risk management process.

Credentialing Program Open To:


  • Industry Professionals: Applicants from within the energy sector, with experience in ESG, Sustainability, CSR, Social Performance, HSE, Communications, Investor Relations, Public Relations, Community Relations, etc.
  • Aspiring Energy Industry Professionals: Anyone who aspires to work in the energy industry or is already in it but in a different discipline, and who wishes to build skills and competencies in the ESG area.

Frequently Asked Questions

The registration process is currently closed. Please check back soon for information regarding next ESG in Energy program session or click here to sign up for updates on this and all of our UH Energy Micro-credentialing Programs:

Micro-credentials are certifications for mastery of specific topic areas or skillsets. To earn a micro-credential, you typically have to complete a certain number of activities, assessments, or projects related to the topic.

Digital badges (or e-badges) are a validated indicator of accomplishment, skill, quality or interest that can be earned in various learning environments. Digital badges are now commonly used as “digital transcripts,” and they can be incorporated in LinkedIn profiles. Many badge earners also display their badges through social media.

Use and Acceptance: Micro-credentials and digital badges are now widely accepted by employers as evidence of competency in specific skills. They have been in use for roughly ten years, notably in the IT arena, where IBM has been a leader. IBM needed to train personnel to support rapidly changing product needs. Rather than using extended training programs, they developed training for minimum skillsets, and deployed this through online media. They awarded micro-credentials to successful candidates and issued digital badges to certify the awards. Many other companies, large and small, are now using digital credentials, as are many academic institutions, including the University of Houston, Harvard, Cambridge, and a large number of other universities.

Participants who have registered can withdraw from the course at any time. However, participants need to withdraw two days before start of classes to receive a refund. If you have paid for the series (all three badges) and would like to withdraw after completing a badge, you may do so two days before the start of classes for the next badge to receive a refund for the remaining badges.

Currently we only accept credit card payments.

The course is delivered online as a live synchronous delivery. Some portions of the lectures are prerecorded with industry experts in segments of roughly 20 minutes each. The recorded segments are followed by live interaction with instructors in real time. The live interaction will be used to expand on some of the topics in the recorded lectures, and to resolve any misunderstandings and/or questions that that learners may have.

No, the program is designed for maximum flexibility. Participants can take badge(s) in order, as a stand-alone or a sequence that best suits their schedule.

If you miss a class, or a portion of a badge, the material will be available as recorded material, and you can view the recordings at your convenience. However, we strongly recommend that you attend the course synchronously, as the live interaction with instructors is an important instructional component.

If you miss a badge, you may be able to register for the badge for delivery through asynchronous recordings, and you will have to complete and pass all of the homework and exams to earn the badge. The asynchronous (i.e., recorded) material will be available, and you can qualify by viewing the recordings and achieving passing grades on the tests. However, we strongly recommend that you attend the course synchronously, as the live interaction with instructors is an important instructional component. The same registration process and fees apply whether you participate in the course in real time, or if you only participate asynchronously.

Yes. Each Badge is covered over three weeks. The course work will have homework assignments throughout and a final exam, typically essay and in the spirit of a ‘take-home exam’. If one does not pass on the first attempt, one can review the course material and re-take the test as many times as one wishes. Ultimately, a passing grade is required to receive the micro-credentialing badge honor.

If you cannot find the information you need on the webpage or in the other FAQs, please contact:

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