Energy Coalition's Energy Ambassador Program Off and Running

By Angela Jardina

Born out of the Energy Coalition’s Executive Board, the Energy Ambassador Program seeks to make students the leaders in structuring the growth of the coalition, on-campus and beyond.

The Energy Coalition has fostered more opportunities for interdisciplinary students to get involved in the field of energy, but at over 5,000 members strong, the group wanted to go beyond just surface-level involvement.

To that end, Energy Coalition Chair Abhaya Chopra said the program is now ready to go. The initiative is actively seeking student involvement and as one of the ambassadors, Chopra believes that interdisciplinary engagement is important because it allows students to network with alumni, industry professionals, and other students with similar interests. >By doing so, the program builds a sense of community and opportunity among energy students.

“Seeing the final product (after the planning process) made me feel so accomplished, and I’m very excited to get started on recruiting ambassadors for each college,” Chopra said. “The students who take on the role of the ambassador will be able to get more involved in the energy field, and they could be the future of the Energy Coalition.”

The Energy Ambassador Program intends to select candidates from each energy-related college to help promote the events of the Energy Coalition.

“(We want) to get students interested in being an ambassador and get those ambassadors to get other students interested – like a ripple effect,” Chopra said. “With climate change and the energy transition that is happening currently, the more people we can educate and involve, the better.”

Students interested in being an Energy Ambassador can sign up at the form provided HERE. You can also find more information about the Energy Coalition HERE or HERE.