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Evaluation of Institutional Culture

The University of Houston is undertaking a process to evaluate and strengthen its institutional culture.

  • Assessment of the University’s current culture and how it affects outcomes for faculty, staff, and students
  • Recommendations for aligning the University’s culture with national standards and best practices through appropriate changes in policies, practices, professional development and training, traditions, and/or new departments, programs or services
  • Development of a strategic plan for implementing the recommendations and assessing the University’s culture on an ongoing basis

Keeling & Associates, LLC (K&A) is working with a Steering Committee charged by the University to support this process, which will include the engagement and input of the greater campus community, including leadership, faculty, staff, and students.


Project Timeline

Campus Visits 1 & 2 – Interviews, Idea Walls, Town Halls; Preliminary Telephone Interviews; Data & Document Review.
Review of Exemplary Culture Initiatives; Surveys of Staff, Faculty, & Students.
Information Synthesis & Assessment; Campus Visit 3 – Presentation of Findings to Steering Committee & Leadership; Community Review.
Campus Visit 4 – Analysis & Strategic Planning Retreat; Draft & Final Strategic Plans.
Implementation Planning; Revised Survey Instruments.

Share Your Feedback

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