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The Urban Experience Program (UEP) provides opportunities for the university's diverse student population. We help prevent minor obstacles from becoming major setbacks to degree achievement by offering a holistic approach to advising. The services that UEP offers have been strategically chosen to develop UEP members in the areas of academics, finances, personal, career, and civic leadership.

UEP services include:

  • Community Service Opportunities
  • Grants and Scholarship
  • Individualized Advising
  • Personal Development Workshops
  • Student Leader Mentoring

Urban Experience Program members have improved grades, higher graduation rates, career preparation, and civic engagement.

Our Students
All students are welcome to receive the benefits and services of our program. UEP members come from a variety of socio-economic, gender and cultural backgrounds. These students include those who have aged out of foster care (PALS), low-income underrepresented, first-generation, DACA, UH honors students and seniors entering the workforce after college.

Join the Urban Experience Program
To join the Urban Experience Program, a student must complete the application and schedule a meeting with UEP staff, where they will share their academic goals and explore ways that UEP can be an advocate for their success at the University of Houston.

To learn more about UEP or to meet with staff about membership, make an appointment.