Diamond Family Scholars Program


Diamond Family Scholar Program Objectives

Our goal is to increase successful outcomes among youth who have experienced foster care and are now transitioning into higher education at the University of Houston. Through the Diamond Family Scholars Program we seek to increase the retention rate and graduation rate of eligible UH students by providing:

  • Cost of attendance scholarships to undergraduate students accepted into the Diamond Family Scholars Program;
  • Hands-on support for eligible students in accessing financial aid and scholarships specific to youth who have experienced foster care, allowing students to maximize their potential to graduate from college with little to no debt;
  • Support for eligible students in need of year-round housing on campus to ensure a stable living environment;
  • Specialized orientation, advising, mentorship, and activities designed to assist eligible students with navigating the University of Houston;
  • A campus network and community that is dedicated to student success.


Our mission is to create a sustainable framework that allows for our foster care youth to take ownership over their educational outcomes, engage in academic and social opportunities that allow them to grow, learn, and actively participate in UH campus life, graduate, and secure employment after graduation. Success will be measured by observing the retention rate, GPA, graduation rate, and active participation in UH campus life such as student organizations, service activities, work-study, and peer mentoring.

Diamond Family Scholars and the Urban Experience Program

The Diamond Family Scholars Program is currently housed under the leadership of the Urban Experience Program (UEP) in the Division of Student Affairs and Enrollment Services at UH. UEP was created in 1995 to support student success by expanding opportunities for educationally and economically underserved groups. Program activities include financial aid, internships, mentorships and skills workshops. There also are social and community service opportunities, which connect students with others in both the university community and beyond. The primary goal of UEP is to serve the needs of the individual student. This includes three major parts:

  1. To provide students with the academic tools and personal skills necessary for student success and responsible citizenship.
  2. To promote the Tier One mission of the University of Houston in meeting the challenges of educating a dynamic mix of nontraditional and traditional students.
  3. To support the values of the University mission by building an environment that is inclusive, positive, and accessible where all participants feel welcome.

UEP prides itself on supporting the mission of the University of Houston by expanding opportunities for educational and economically underserved students by creating academic opportunities through the promotion of scholarship, community service, and personal/ professional development. In addition, UEP supports mentorships and internships as conduits for student success and the development of well-trained professionals.