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Welcome Letter


It is with great pleasure that I welcome you as a member of the University of Houston community. As a Tier One institution of higher education, the University of Houston welcomes and supports all students in their learning, discovery, leadership development, and engagement both on and off-campus. The University of Houston is also one of the more diverse universities in the country and fosters a sense of belonging while supporting your success both in and outside of the classroom.

The Urban Experience Program is a collection of programs, services, and activities to support you while you are at the University of Houston. The Urban Experience is a holistic program to support your pursuit of learning and provide you with many opportunities to connect across this diverse campus community. The Urban Experience Program sets high expectations for you to do your best in the classroom and with the co-curricular activities you engage in throughout your time at the University of Houston. The staff in the Urban Experience Program, as do I, have confidence in your ability to succeed as you navigate your academic and co-curricular experience while meeting the expectations of your faculty, your family, and yourself. The Urban Experience Program is one of 28 departments within the Division of Student Affairs and Enrollment Services so there are many partners across this campus who are equally committed to your success. In addition, the staff in the Urban Experience Program is engaged with academic partners in many of the colleges at the University of Houston to further support you as you strive for excellence, explore the possibilities, and achieve your goal of graduating from this great university.

I am confident that you will graduate from the University of Houston and leave your mark as a member of the Cougar Nation. I encourage you to reach out to the staff of the Urban Experience Program, under the dynamic leadership of Dr. Raven Jones and explore how you can engage in the Urban Experience Program. It might just be the second-best decision you have made after choosing to join the Cougar Nation.

Daniel M. Maxwell, Ed.D.

Associate Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs, UH System
Associate Vice President for Student Affairs, University of Houston