Staff Profiles

Dr. Raven Jones


As Director of the Urban Experience Program, Dr. Raven Jones enhances the quality of education for UH students within the UEP program. As an avid researcher, program developer, and trainer, Dr. Jones’s research concentrates on the cultural resources within urban communities that can be utilized to improve the resiliency and psychological development of underrepresented students. Through the program, Dr. Jones prevents minor obstacles from becoming major setbacks to degree achievement.

Kolby Robinson, LMSW

Assistant Director

As the Assistant Director of the Urban Experience Program, Ms. Robinson is the program director for the Diamond Family Scholars Program. She is a licensed social worker with over 10 years of experience working with students, families and communities at large. Her passion lies with working with students that have experienced many levels of adversities and helping them learn various techniques to overcome those adversities. Her motto was inspired by Pablo Picasso, “everything you can imagine is real. Now let’s figure out how to get it.”

Victoria Troncoso

Program Coordinator

As Program Coordinator of the Urban Experience Program, Victoria Troncoso is responsible for managing various pillar programs within the UEP program. Victoria has 5 years of professional experience that include college readiness, higher education, child welfare, and non-profit roles which have given her the experience and skill set needed to be a great addition to the UEP team. As a professional with a social work background, Victoria focuses on linking UEP students with on-campus and community resource in order to promote college retention.

Shana Worley

Office Coordinator

As the Office Coordinator, Shana Worley is responsible for keeping the office running behind the scenes by handling all of the financial needs, hiring/training of personnel, management, and meeting the program as well as the program director needs. Shana has a combination of different degree attainments and 6 years of professional experience that include areas of human resources, management, and various administrative roles which has given her the experience and skill set needed to be a great addition to the UEP team.

Celene Warren

Graduate Student Assistant

As a Graduate Assistant, Celene advises students and oversees different programs within the Urban Experience Program along with many other tasks. As a Graduate student and experienced student leader, Celene offers knowledge and a creative lens to the UEP. Celene focuses on student engagement and success through programming, advising, marketing, and various projects. Dedicated to social justice, Celene continues to learn about resources to help students feel safe and included in different spaces. Celene believes it is important to offer support to students throughout their entire college careers to ensure they are living up to their full potential and are properly prepared for life after college.

Alexus Widemon

Graduate Student Assistant

Alexus Widemon was born and raised in High Point, NC. She is an alumna of the University of North Carolina Greensboro where she obtained her Bachelor of Arts. Alexus is currently serving as a graduate assistant while simultaneously studying to earn her Master’s degree in Higher Education Administration. College can be one of the most transformative times in a person's life so Alexus aims to help students alleviate the stressors that can come with balancing academics and everyday responsibilities. She lives by the idea that it is imperative that we lift as we climb and open doors for the generations to follow.