Megan Akogyeram - University of Houston
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Megan Akogyeram

Career Counselor

Liaison to the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences (CLASS)
Pre-Law Advisor

Megan Akogyeram serves as a Career Counselor for the College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences (CLASS) and a Pre-Law Advisor. Megan is enthusiastic about supporting students and assisting them in navigating the complexities of college life, discovering their strengths and interests, developing a transferrable skill set, and establishing and achieving their academic and post-graduation goals.

Megan’s journey in supporting college students began as a student herself. While pursuing her bachelor’s degree in Psychology at James Madison University, she fell in love with the college campus through her involvement with the Campus Recreation Center as a student employee. She valued her experience so much that she stayed at James Madison to pursue her graduate degree while working as a Graduate Assistant in the recreation center. While there, Megan conducted a thesis, now published in the Recreational Sports Journal, on the outcomes associated with student leadership involvement in a sport club. Since then, Megan has worked at Santa Fe College and the University of Florida, supporting students with their transitions through admissions and advising.