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Association of Ship Brokers and Agents (USA) Inc.

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What is the Association of Ship Brokers and Agents (USA) Inc.?

ASBA is an independent membership trade association, established in 1934 that brings together member Ship Brokers, Agents and Affiliates with offices in the United States and Canada. ASBA advances and fosters the ideals and standards of professional conduct and practices and is a medium through which members with common interests can communicate.

In August of 2020 the Association of Ship Brokers and Agents (USA) Inc. established a partnership with the Supply Chain & Logistics Technology Program to offer non-academic courses related to the shipping industry at University of Houston and credentialed by ASBA. Beginning spring 2021, Supply Chain & Logistics Technology Program will offer a joint certificate on Shipbroking and Chartered Vessel Operations. This course will be taught by Professor Jeffrey Weiss, JD. Professor Weiss as an attorney represents primarily ship owners with a special emphasis on charter party arbitration. He has been the lead educator at ASBA for twenty years and has taught at SUNY Maritime College for thirty years.


Cost $ 2450 – offered twice a year February and September

Shipbroking and Chartered Vessel Operations

The Maritime field is extremely broad and brings about relationships with a variety of people with varying levels of experience from the many different aspects of shipping. As you will see from the course topics, these many aspects of shipping are presented in a logical format. Through the lectures, questions and discussions you will prepare yourself or enhance your existing knowledge base for work in chartering or chartered vessel operations.


Topics Covered:

Chartering & Charter Parties
Legal Framework
Charter Negotiations
Owner & Charterer Responsibilities

Chartering Terms & Abbreviations
Types of Ship Brokers
Ship Agency
Types of Ships
Commodities & Cargo Considerations

Charter Party Forms and Clauses

Time and Voyage
Sale & Purchase
Laytime, Demurrage, Dispatch
Laytime Calculations
Voyage Estimating

Admiralty Law & Arbitration