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We believe your education with the College of Technology should be unique to you. Whether you're looking for a minor or professional program to boost your marketable skills or choosing a major that will lead to your dream career, our students are encouraged to explore their options and design their own academic experience.

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Computing & Multimedia

Computing and multimedia comprises the varied aspects of computing (e.g., hardware and software development, computer organization, cybersecurity, etc.) and related concepts of modern technology (e.g., design, computer graphics, motion media, etc.).


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Engineering & Industrial Technologies

At the intersection of infrastructure and innovation, engineering and industrial developments can be seen as one of the driving forces behind major modern technological advancements. Programs in this area span from various types of engineering and industrial technologies to the management of supply chain and logistics.


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Health Sciences

The medical industry is fast-growing and constantly changing. Our health sciences programs and degrees focus on the applications of modern technology to health science fields, so that our curricula move in tandem with industry.


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Organizational Sciences

The organizational sciences include education and applied research that explores human interaction within diverse social systems. Our programs and degrees in this area focus primarily on individual, team and organizational development, leadership, foresight studies, and retail and consumer management sciences.


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Technology Management

General management comprises leadership, strategic planning, resource allocation and management, risk management, quality management, etc. Technology management involves all these areas, but also incorporates the fundamentals of technology with tools to drive innovation within one's organization and beyond.


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