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Course Requirements

Mechanical Engineering Technology Track


The Master of Science (MS) in Engineering Technology - Mechanical Engineering Technology (MET) Track builds upon our recognized mechanical baccalaureate degree, providing students with the highly developed expertise in design and analysis of mechanical systems. With state-of-the-art teaching and research laboratories, the MS-MET program offers courses and cutting-edge research experience in several applied areas including, instrumentation and measurement, advanced materials, mechanical design, manufacturing, automation, robotics, thermo-fluids, systems integration, oil and gas applications, and energy. Our students come from diverse undergraduate backgrounds including technology, engineering, computer science, mathematics, and the natural sciences.

The following is a list of courses required of all students pursuing the Master of Science in MET. For a complete description of these courses, visit the University of Houston Graduate Catalog.

Course Requirements for the Master of Science in Engineering Technology - Mechanical Engineering Technology Track

Core Courses: 3 hours

  • MECT/ELET 6305 - Analytical Methods in Engineering Technology

Required Courses: Choose 18 MECT hours*

  • MECT 6319 Fundamentals and Applications Of Fuel Cells
  • MECT 6322 Computer Aided Engineering
  • MECT 6323 Advanced Fluid Mechanics
  • MECT 6331 Applied Heat Transfer
  • MECT 6397 Materials Selection for Energy Sources
  • MECT 6397 Energy Systems Economics
  • MECT 6397 Applications in Stress Analysis
  • MECT 6397 Rheology of Energy Related Fluids
  • MECT 6397 Special topics in Mechanical Engineering Technology
  • Out-of-department Electives (up to 1 elective for Thesis option and up to 2 courses for Project option, from the approved list)

Research: Choose Project (9 hours) or Thesis (6 hours)

  • MECT 6396 - Master's Project in Mechanical Engineering Technology
  • MECT 6398 – Special Problems in MET (Project option only)
  • MECT 6399-1 - Thesis Research (Thesis option only)
  • MECT 6399-2 – Thesis Research (Thesis option only)