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Degree Plan Construction Management, M.S.

Degree Plan Information for 2022-2023 Academic Year


The program offers two curricula: one desirable for Process and Industrial Construction and the other for Commercial Construction. Each provides a balanced mix of construction, engineering and business skills.

The objective of the Construction Management program is to provide graduates with knowledge and skills that are valued and sought by the construction industry profession. Commercial, industrial, and highway/heavy sectors of the construction industry need entry-level professional employees who are knowledgeable and skilled. Graduates must have knowledge of construction materials and methods, structural systems, soils site development, business, and contract administration; and have skills for planning, estimating, scheduling, and evaluating project performance. The curriculum provides fundamental and advanced coursework that incorporates current standards and technology for managing and providing quality construction. Software is applied in curriculum courses to prepare students for the utilization of computer applications in construction management.

Our Construction Management graduates should have knowledge and problem-solving skills to perform the following tasks:

  1. Determine costs for construction projects, and evaluate cost performance;
  2. Interpret construction documents and standards;
  3. Apply time value of money concepts for evaluation of alternatives;
  4. Prepare project schedules;
  5. Apply engineering design concepts for site development (soils and foundations, water distribution, waste-water collection, and storm-water drainage); and
  6. Perform general managerial functions.

The program is committed to attaining the following goals:

  • Provide a career-oriented program that prepares students for productive and professional employment in the construction industry.
  • Emphasize recent technological advancements in construction management.
  • Prepare graduates to pursue graduate degrees and life-long learning. Provide students with an opportunity to prepare for entry into the graduate Construction Management program.

At the Masters level, students will receive advanced education, preparing them to be construction management leaders in industry or faculty members in academia. For more information on the graduate program, please refer to the Graduate and Professional Studies catalog.

Students pursuing a major in Construction Management must complete the following requirements in addition to the university core and general college requirements.