CoT Students Return from Summer Internships


Bolivar Morales

Major: Mechanical Engineering Technology
Expected graduation date: Fall 2022
Internship: Northrop Grumman
Experience: The thing I love about Northrop Grumman is the company culture. Currently I am working as a design engineer doing modeling and stress analysis and it is with the skills from the college that I am able to succeed. One of the things I love is how my team is there to teach me something new every day.


Aysha Alam

Major: Computer Information Systems with a minor in Business Administration
Expected graduation date: December 2022
Internship: Siemens Energy as a Data Analyst Intern
Experience: The most notable take aways from my internship thus far is being more open minded and taking in new perspectives. This skill has benefited me now both professionally and personally because it allows me to be more aware of patterns and analytical in situations.


Jailinne Mata

Major: Construction Management program
Expected graduation date: Spring/May 2022.
Internship: Currently interning with McCarthy Building Companies, at Port of Houston Bayport
Experience: One of the best things I've learned during my internship was getting more in-depth with surveying. It may seem so unimportant, but all projects depend on a good surveyor to layout points and elevations. I have had the opportunity to shadow our survey on the project, and have learned how to use the surveying machine, I am no expert, but I know more than I did before. And just recently we had a training that taught us how to use different surveying equipment. It is always good to know for the just in case situations.


Areli Andaya

Major: Construction Management
Expected graduation date: May 2022
Internship: Project Management Intern at Tellepsen
Experience: The most valuable thing I have gotten during my internship has definitely been the construction experience and the relationships formed with my mentors, the design team, and clients. It is extremely rewarding to see a client's vision and design come to life and to know that you contributed to that. Working in construction is a huge team effort!


Jennifer Escalante

Major: Construction Management
Expected Graduation Date: December 2022
Internship: Project Engineer Intern Gutier
Experience: The best and most valuable time in my internship was working with my team to get things done. Not letting obstacles or problems stop us from getting our overall task done and making every obstacle our priority.