Waight Leads Effort to Establish First Human Resource Association in Belize

In June 2020, Belize’s first Association of Human Resource Professionals (BAHRP) came into existence because of the drive and determination of Dr. Consuelo L. Waight, a visionary who wanted to leave a legacy of capacity development for human resource professionals in Belize.

Dr. Waight was selected for a Fulbright Scholar Award in 2016 and spent a semester at the University of Belize, assisting with faculty development. She conducted e-learning and adult learning workshops to help faculty design meaningful and authentic e-learning experiences for students. She also conducted research on the human resources needs in Belize.

As a result of her research, the need for Belize’s first human resource association was born. Over the last three years, alongside five Belizean HR professionals; Victor Miranda, Suzette Tillet, Candice Canelo, Daniella Haylock-Roberts, and Dr. Sylvia Cattouse; Dr. Waight worked to register and formalize the Belize Association for Human Resource Professionals.

“Dr. Waight is a selfless leader and inspiration to many,” notes Miranda, president of the BAHRP. “I see her as a beam of hope for the community as she focuses on HR professionals' well-being and their impact in organizations and the community.”

The BAHRP’s vision is to create A Better Belize Through Learning and Change and its mission is to Strengthen and Empower the Human Capacity through Research and Development. The BAHRP hosted Dr. Tomika Greer at its first learning event on December 10th.  The presentation on ‘Employee Well-Being during Covid-19’, attracted 89 participants. Prior to the presentation, Dr. Greer and Dr. Waight discussed the BAHRP and the significance of employee well-being during the pandemic on Belize’s Channel Five’s, Open Your Eyes television show.

Dr. Waight is an associate professor and director of the Executive Human Resource Development program in the College of Technology at the  University of Houston. She also serves as vice-president of the BAHRP.  The BAHRP is a member of the Belize Coalition of Service Providers and the Caribbean Society of Human Resource Professionals. 

More information about the Belize Association of Human Resource Professionals can be found at https://www.facebook.com/humanresourcesbelize/ or by emailing belizehrassociation@gmail.com

Dr. Consuelo L. Waight can be reached at cwaight@uh.edu or 713-743-4086.