Digital Media Program Sets the Course for the Future of Transmedia Marketing ®

The University of Houston College of Technology Digital Media program is the first to establish a leadership position in transmedia storytelling with a registered trademark for Transmedia Marketing ®. Jerry Waite, professor of digital media and program coordinator, worked with a team of faculty to push the idea forward and make it a trademark of The University of Houston System, granted by the United States Patent and Trademark Office. In a recent message of appreciation, Dr. Waite thanked the core group of digital media faculty, including lecturers David Crawley and Karen Snyder; and, Phil Snyder, instructional associate professor. “With their creativity, enthusiasm, and drive in creating the Transmedia Marketing concept, the University of Houston digital media program team transformed the idea from storytelling to marketing,” said Waite.

Transmedia marketing is the telling of a marketing story through at least three media. It emerged as an idea in the mid 1900’s, through the distribution of a story in at least three media. Star Wars is an example of a transmedia story told through motion pictures, television, animations, theme parks, trading cards, graphic novels, and many other channels.

All UH College of Technology digital media students take the Transmedia Marketing® course. In addition, the digital media program offers an online certificate in Transmedia Marketing®.