Foresight Certificate Program Grad's New Book Captures the Heart of Our Future

Richard Yonck, author of Heart of the Machine: Our Future in the World of Artificial Intelligence

Richard Yonck, founder of Intelligent Future Consulting, is a noted authority in emerging trends and technologies, with a focus on their social and business ramifications. An accomplished speaker and writer, Yonck explores short to long-range futures with insight into how this knowledge can help people better prepare for potential eventualities and promote their preferred futures.

His extensive background and depth of experience in computing, artificial intelligence, robotics, biotechnology nanotechnology, space exploration, transhumanism, and science literacy led him from Seattle, Washington to the University of Houston College of Technology to complete the professional certificate in foresight. He said, "We all have to be lifelong learners and also to be able to 'self-teach'. You need to know where to get information and be open to continuous re-education."

"Foresight is one of the dominant characteristics of the human species. With self-awareness and introspection came the ability to anticipate patterns and cycles in our environment, enhancing our ability to survive," Yonck says.

Growing widely popular among futurists, UX designers and technology enthusiasts, Heart of the Machine: Our Future in a World of Artificial Emotional Intelligence explores the next giant step in the relationship between humans and technology and the ability of computers to recognize, respond to, and even replicate emotions.

"As a futurist and former contributing editor for The Futurist Magazine, I've long had a high regard for the University of Houston's Foresight programs," notes Yonck. "In the course of writing my book, I felt there were some opportunities to share a little of my education about what futures or foresight is and is not. I'm glad my book has resonated so widely while promoting the merits of foresight."

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