Seismic Study Will Address Energy Sector Challenges

Seismic exploration will play an increasingly important role in meeting increasing energy demands and maintaining healthy oil and gas output.  Dr.  Xuqing  Wu, assistant professor in the University of Houston College of Technology information and logistics technology department; assistant professor, Jiefu Chen, and Zhu Han, professor of electrical and computer engineering, will develop a software package for automated pattern recognition that can be used by seismic processing companies to select geological features from seismic data. The project, "Deep Transfer Learning Enabled Machine Vision Inspection and Its Applications in Exploration Geophysics,”  was awarded $225,000 by the National Science Foundation (NSF) Small Business Technology Transfer Phase 1 program. The project will support training for graduate and undergraduate students in the areas of seismic exploration, machine learning and high-performance computing. Industry partner, Advanced Geophysical Technology, Inc. is working in partnership with the UH team.