Student Spotlight

Students Take On Vital Role in Advancing Philanthropy Awareness

From left: Brittany McClure ('18) and Blake Mudd ('19) were selected as University of Houston Advancement Ambassadors. Both are graduate students in the College of Technology.

The University of Houston Advancement Ambassador program, which emphasizes philanthropy and the direct impact it has on the lives of students, has influenced two College of Technology graduate students in the human development and consumer sciences department. Blake Mudd, who is earning his master's degree in global retailing and Brittany McClure who is working on her master's degree in human resource development were two of the 20 UH students chosen to be part of the inaugural program.

Both have been involved in many event activities that bring philanthropy awareness to the student community. At the Party on the Plaza, they served as greeters to alumni during tailgating. "Being a greeter may seem trivial, but we feel it is important to have smiling faces welcoming alumni, donors and guests because it starts the experience off on the right foot," said Brittany McClure.

At the Cougar 100 Luncheon, which recognizes UH-owned or UH-led companies throughout the country, they both greeted guests and later were able to network with the alumni. At the President's suite concierge desk, Brittany provided information to many visitors. Blake helped with the Great Minds for Education reception, an event sponsored by the College of Education, where he was able to speak with donors, volunteers, and administrators from the college. He is a leader of the Community Engagement Taskforce of Advancement Ambassadors, where he gets to reach out to students and the city of Houston to promote understanding of important campaigns such as UH's $1 billion "Here We Go" Campaign. "When reaching out to the students, it's important that they realize this campaign is affecting them long-term and it is essential to putting a high value on your degree," said Blake Mudd.

Both Blake and Brittany feel they are putting their best foot forward by interacting with alumni, donors and the Houston community, helping the University of Houston be an influential college for years to come.