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How We Are Organized

In order to effectively carry out its mission of teaching practical applications of technology and consumer science, the College of Technology is comprised of four departments, each emphasizing a different area of technology or merchandising:

Construction Management

The Department of Construction Management offers both an undergraduate and graduate degree in the field of construction management. The department provides graduates with knowledge and skills necessary to join the construction industry. Such knowledge and skills include construction methods, structural systems, contract administration, specifications, planning, estimating, scheduling, and evaluating project performance.

Engineering Technology

The Department of Engineering Technology focuses on the application of engineering principles and the implementation of technological advances with programs focusing on Computer Engineering Technology, Electrical Power Engineering Technology, Biotechnology, and Mechanical Engineering Technology.

Human Development and Consumer Sciences

The Department of Human Development and Consumer Sciences' programs focus on the human aspects of technology and consumer sciences. The Retailing and Consumer Science program is a visionary interdisciplinary program focused on retail buying, management and entrepreneurship, consumer behavior and e-tailing, fashion merchandising, product promotion and logistics and planning for leadership and organizational changes in retail and service industries. The Human Resource Development program looks at human behavior in the context of organizations and the workplace, with specific emphasis on training and development, career development, and organizational development. The Foresight program focuses on helping clients and employers anticipate significant changes that lie ahead and to influence those changes to achieve their long-term goals.

Information and Logistics Technology

The Department of Information and Logistics Technology focuses on applying information technology in various settings. These include business, logistics, graphics, and technical leadership. It is responsible for the programs in Computer Information Systems, Digital Media, Supply Chain and Logistics Technology, Organizational Leadership and Supervision, Information System Security, and Technology Project Management.