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Career Opportunities

Master of Science in Technology Project Management


Many opportunities await the Technology Project Management graduate. Students who graduate with a Master of Science in Technology Project Management are prepared to fill vital management and supervisory roles in a wide range of industries. Career options will vary depending on the chosen area of emphasis.

Employment Rate(s)

Results of a survey of Technology Project Management alumni in 2008 suggest a high percentage of students were already employed while enrolled in the program. When asked to indicate their employment status “while a student at UH”, 97% of respondents (N=68) said they were either part-time or full-time employees. This trend continues today in that the majority of students in the program are working professionals seeking to expand their knowledge and skill set.

Potential Occupations

Students in the program have reported that they have been able to apply the skills they learn across wide variety of occupations including: Project Manager, Team Lead, Analyst, Process Engineer, Quality Manager, Information Services Manager, Logistics Manager, Finance Manager, Senior Sourcing Specialist, Engagement Manager, Operations Management and Business Development Manager.

These occupations are spread across several industries such as banking/finance, manufacturing and production, merchandising and retail, K-16 education, engineering, architecture, hospital and health services, government, military, telecommunications, non-profits, legal services, public utilities, information technology consulting, energy, construction, and software development.