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Retail Promotion

Certificate in Retailing and Consumer Science

  • HDCS 3301 - Consumer Science
    Consumer Science is the consumer side of marketing, focusing on what makes consumers want to buy and on strategies available to marketers to encourage consumption.
  • HDCS 3303 - Merchandising and Consumer Science
    This course includes an Interdisciplinary analysis and comparison of merchandising and consumer science.
  • HDCS 3304 - Visual Merchandising
    Visual Merchandising focuses on promoting store image and sales through visual presentation of merchandise and store design.
  • HDCS 4303 - Merchandising Systems
    This course involves the mathematical, statistical and control phases of retail buying, computing prices and markups, evaluating inventories, controlling stocks and budgeting expenses.
  • HDCS 4386 - Communication Strategies for Merchandising and Industrial Distribution
    This course involves the principles and techniques of mass communication, direct marketing and media used in delivering, merchandising, and industrial distribution programs and providing services.