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Academic Advising


How to Contact Your Advisor

Note: The preferred method of communication with Advisors is by email or appointment which can be scheduled through Navigate If you have a few advising questions we recommend you submit your questions via email and allow 2 business days for a response. If you have more than a few questions, require a degree progress check, graduation check, major exploration, or any other issue that requires more time, we recommend you schedule an appointment through Navigate. Appointments allow Advisors time to prepare for the advising session.

Undergraduate Students
(all students except honor students, student athletes and UH Sugar Land students)

Rakesh Salian
Human Development and Consumer Sciences
Office Location: 219 CAM
Walk-in Hours: Appointment Only

Graduate Students

Donnella Dillon
Human Development and Consumer Sciences
Office Location: 325 T2
Walk-in Hours: Appointment Only

College of Technology Office of Student Affairs

Honor Students and Student Athletes

Carlo Deason
Phone: 713-743-4060
Walk-in Hours: Appointment Only

First Year Experience Undergraduate Advising

Kevin Nguyen
Phone: 713-743-1334
Walk-in Hours: Appointment Only

UH Sugar Land Undergraduate Advising

Peter Weber
Phone: 713-743-4316
Walk-in Hours: Appointment Only

Career Counseling

Christal Pradia
Phone: 713-743-0682
Walk-in Hours: Appointment Only

Appointment or Walk-in?

Academic Advisors can meet with students by appointment or during walk-in hours. Please note that walk-in advising is reserved for brief questions and advising issues that can be resolved quickly. We encourage you to make an appointment if your advising concern deals with issues such as graduation checks, long term academic planning, academic probation advising, or any issues that require a lengthier discussion.

Using Navigate to Schedule Appointments

We encourage you to schedule your advising appointment online using Navigate.


Preparation for Advising Appointments

If your advising appointment concerns degree planning or graduation checks, students are expected to bring the course sequence chart for their major with the courses already completed marked with an "X". Also, indicate when you plan to take the remainder of courses on the chart.

Contact Your Advisor

You can email your advisor with any general questions or concerns. Your advisor will respond to your email within three(3) business days.

Filing Petitions

Information about filling petitions can be found at