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Research Projects

PTI is offering a unique opportunity to work and volunteer while learning more about the oil and gas industry! We welcome our new engineering and technology students - research assistants and volunteers interested in their potential career with industry!

The Petroleum Technology team is always looking for advanced students who would like to learn about energy industry and petroleum technology, and ready to work on our projects and programs with passion and enthusiasm. As members of the PTI team working in partnership with global operating, engineering and service companies, students conduct research for data, information, and video-materials for different petroleum technologies, systems, equipment, and components required to support our current and new programs development, specialty courses, and projects with tremendous potential for growth.

To help global community our PTI Team is working on educational video collections for Offshore Learning Center:

  • Subsea Production
  • Offshore Drilling Rigs
  • Offshore Pipelines
  • Offshore Drilling

Investing just a few hours each week in your future career with energy industry will help you define your areas of interest, choose career pass and develop your network. You will gain a better understanding of how industry works and be the first to sign up and contribute to the UH-PTI industry programs and events. Contact us for more information.