PTI Camp RED - For UH Students Only - University of Houston
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PTI Camp RED - For UH Students Only

Learn from the world's leading oilfield service companies

HalliburtonThe Halliburton Company is providing technical products and services for global petroleum and natural gas exploration and production.

PTI Camp RED hosted by Halliburton includes five days of site visits. Through the camp, students have the opportunity to see company technology center, testing and manufacturing facilities, visit an active oil and gas wellsite and possibly observe a fracturing job.

Students will learn how oil and gas industry major service company adds value across the entire lifecycle of oil and gas reservoirs, starting with exploration and development, moving through production, operations, and maintenance.

This five-day camp is for technology and engineering undergraduate and graduate students interested in Petroleum Technology. There is no cost for students.

Last Camp RED took place at Halliburton Houston Technology Center during the Spring Holidays, March 10 – 14, 2014 after the PTI lecture "Petroleum Industry Value chain - focus on Service Companies" on Saturday, March 1 and final selection of the College of Technology and College of Engineering participants from more than 70 registered candidates.

Camp RED was a great success for 28 enthusiastic students touring various facilities and operation sites of Halliburton and learning from the experts. Students enjoyed the camp and found it very helpful. All students gave positive feedback during the Camp and good reviews in following up survey.

PTI Camp Red Spring 2014

Day 1:  3/10/14 - Camp RED began with overview of safety standards followed by Halliburton practices required to be followed by students during their site visits. Next was a Sperry Drilling unit presentation followed by field trip to NOV manufacturing site "Quality Tubing". NOV representative explained various manufacturing procedures and equipment, and demonstrated products, such as drilling strings tubing, coiled tubing, wirelines, and production tubing for artificial lift.

Day 2: 3/11/14 - At early morning students visited Advanced Perforation Flow Laboratory (APFL) at Jet Research Center in Dallas, Texas, where operations with percussion detonators used for perforation were explained. Demonstration of perforators live test was followed by tour around the manufacturing facilities. Presentation during the tour was focused on perforators, charge materials, charge casing, and assembled perforating guns.

Day 3: 3/12/14 - Students visited Marathon Oil hydraulic fracturing site in Victoria County, Texas. There were four (4) production wells on this site, and the 31 stage hydraulic fracturing operations were performed and explained on two of them. Also, the wireline equipment was demonstrated and wireline operations explained.

Day 4: 3/13/14 - Team went to Galveston and visited Ocean Star rig museum where offshore operations and rig components were explained as well as the Halliburton’s latest country wide program "Hire to Manage". Later afternoon was devoted to the visit of the Sperry Drilling and Baroid units testing and training facilities at Halliburton.

Day 5: 3/14/14 - The day started with group photo followed by visit to the Intelligent Well Completion Halliburton unit and presentation. This unit has arranged our tour around the plant manufacturing packers and liners, and explained its quality control system. In the afternoon the corporate recruiters presented about Halliburton hiring process, and students' resumes were reviewed and collected.

Students successfully completed the Camp RED, and Halliburton awarded them with certificates. Students shared their experience and feedback with the instructors, and gave "Thank You" cards to the Halliburton Team.

Camp RED was a good exposure for the students pursuing career in the Oil and Gas industry. It gave a good insight on the advanced technologies used by Halliburton and exploration and production companies.