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Petroleum Technology Electives

Petroleum Technology electives are focused on the application, implementation, and operational aspects of engineering. Continuous course content updates mirror industries that constantly change.

Students find that our labs feature the very latest professional hardware, software and equipment. Experienced faculty and industry experts bring countless hours of real-world work experience into our labs and classrooms. College of Technology students ultimately find mentors, internships and jobs through the knowledge they gain and strong connections they make here.

Sample of courses offered:

  • MECT 4328 Fundamentals of Pipeline Design
  • MECT 4332 Fundamentals of Drilling Technology
  • MECT 4337 Downhole Drilling Tools and Technology
  • MECT 4326 Fundamentals of Offshore Systems
  • MECT 4330 Valve Design
  • MECT 4394 Horizontal Drilling Technology

All PTI courses are taught by industry experts and can be included as petroleum technology electives in various majors. Within the Mechanical Engineering Technology Bachelor of Science degree program these courses prepare students for the competitive job market. PTI courses can be taken by industry employees, as a professional development certificate.

For official course descriptions and prerequisites visit the University of Houston Course Catalog.