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Petroleum Technology Certificate


During the academic year, the Petroleum Technology Team works with industry and academia experts to organize special courses, programs, workshops, and professional industry-UH events to provide additional learning opportunities to the students interested in finding job and leading successful careers in the oil and gas industry.

Follow these steps to obtain a Petroleum Technology Certificate:

  1. Sign up for selected Petroleum Technology Electives
  2. Notify us that you signed up for / or completed / or plan to enroll for your selected Petroleum Technology Electives and provide your contact information. This will help us to provide you with more details, updates, track your accomplishments, and award you a Petroleum Technology Certificate upon successful completion of the requirements.
  3. Use any opportunity to participate in the extra-curricular events conducted by PTI, academia and/or industry subject matter experts, professional societies and organizations, and their UH student chapters - PTI partners.
  4. Keep your personal Student Professional Development and Continuous Learning Efforts RECORD.

If you have already completed the requirements above, please contact us at

The Petroleum Technology Certificate is awarded to the students who take at least three (3) PTI elective courses and accumulated at least 20 Professional Development hours.

Congratulations to all the Petroleum Technology Certificate recipients!

Every semester the Petroleum Technology Team recognizes graduates who completed the requirements and deserve to be a recipient of the Petroleum Technology Certificate. We know it was not an easy undertaking to complete all the requirements, but you did it, and we are very proud of you! We wish you success in your new career with the energy industry!

This academic year of Fall 2014 - Spring 2015 the total number of graduates with the Certificate increased 50%!! Nineteen (19) UH College of Technology graduates received the Petroleum technology Certificate!

During the Fall 2013 - Spring 2014 academic year 12 (twelve) UH College of Technology graduates were rewarded with the Petroleum Technology Certificate.