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Petroleum Technology Initiative Overview

Partnering Technology Education with the Energy Industry

With College of Technology established in 2007 by Jack Christiansen, the Petroleum Technology Initiative (PTI) PTI's mission is to equip UH students and experienced professionals with knowledge and skills needed to find a solution for challenges facing Energy Industry, enhance their technical and professional competence and ability to create more value to the Companies.

PTI is using existing and creating new opportunities for knowledge transfer thru teaching and/or mentoring students and professionals, conducting projects and providing in-house training opportunities to get hands-on experience. We strive to grow collaboration with Industry Advisory Board, companies, professional organizations, academia and industry Subject Matter Experts to develop new courses and educational programs.

To be successful in modern world companies need informed professionals, who besides their diploma can understand the applications in different areas of the industry, follow current technological trends and contribute to business objectives, as well as demonstrate ability to keep in touch with peers and everything that is new in their professional field. We help students to start building professional expertise while in college.

If you are a student, learn and benefit from our Offers to UH Students, become volunteer, and print our "Student Professional Development and Continuous Learning Efforts - RECORD" form to start filling it up by attending events with energy industry professional societies and student chapters This would help your course studies and future professional career.

If you are a professional - Company representative, learn and benefit from our Offers to Industry, Offers to Global Community, and consider becoming our partner, supporter, and sponsor, as all our existing and developing projects and programs need industry expertise and funding.

Make sure you visit our free worldwide Offshore Learning Center: published in May 2015! As of August 31, 2015 it is already used by more than 35,000 students and professionals in 53 countries.

"With the tools provided by Christiansen's Petroleum Technology Initiative, students and active professionals can gain valuable work-related expertise, which could immediately set them apart from the global field of oil and gas job seekers." - says World Oil, June 2013 in "University of Houston program aims to prepare graduates for real world work" article.

Interested in our offerings? Having ideas how to grow and support them? Please contact me the soonest!

Galina Sheridan
Deputy Director of Petroleum Technology Initiative