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Custom Designed Certificate Training Programs

Custom Designed Certificate Training Programs

These continuing education programs provide professional development solutions to the energy companies, partnerships, their experienced mid-upper level professionals and project teams facing global challenges in the oil and gas exploration, field development, operation and production, global project management.

Participants gain global knowledge about, new methods, technology, and business practices focusing on: deep and ultra-deep water, unconventional reservoirs, and the Arctic.

These custom designed programs include technical seminars, executive courses, workshops, field trips, professional events. Coursework covers the entire on- and off-shore oil and gas field lifecycle, providing a high quality professional development environment where participants create value and maintain competitiveness of their company.

Our instructors from academia and from the oil and gas companies are the Subject Matter Experts in their fields. Inspired by the creative educational strategy in the development of new talent, the SME’s share their knowledge and practical experience which are incorporated into case studies, field examples, workflows, data analyses, individual and team exercises, and problem solving techniques.

As an example: Advanced Exploration and Appraisal - custom designed certificate training program for a major international operator top management team - included executive courses, technical training sessions and workshops reflecting global expertise in unconventional reserves and ultra-deep water exploration, field development, operations, abandonment, as well as oil and gas company business strategy and multi-billion dollar project management. This program was conducted in Houston, Texas, by 18 subject matter experts. Also, participants attended five industry events, had field trips, and learned best-in-class technology from ten companies.

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