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Course Syllabi

Below are sample syllabi reflecting the general nature of CNST courses. All syllabi are subject to change. For online or reserved textbooks and other library resources, please visit CM Library Resources page, and click Textbooks

Graduate Syllabi

CNST 6100 Construction Management Seminar
CNST 6305 Construction Management
CNST 6310 Construction Contract Adminstration
CNST 6320 Cost Analysis & Bidding
CNST 6330 Project Planning and Management
CNST 6335 Introduction to the Oil & Gas industry
CNST 6340 Best Practices in Construction Industry
CNST 6350 Decision Making and Risk Management
CNST 6360 Computer Applications in Construction Management
CNST 6370 Quality Management and Six Sigma in Construction Management
CNST 6380 LEED and Green Construction Principles in Construction Management
CNST 6390 Leadership for Construction Managers