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Example Lean Six Sigma Projects

The University of Houston College of Technology's Lean Six Sigma program has helped many organizations in the greater Houston metropolitan area and beyond improve their processes and grow their competitiveness.

Lean Six Sigma projects conducted in these organizations, many of which were performed by UH students through industry-academia partnerships with guidance from our program's faculty/instructors, have focused on reducing:

  • Cycle time to manufacture solar cells in a research lab
  • Defects in the manufacturing of natural gas dehydrators
  • Number of weld repairs in pipeline construction projects
  • IT system downtime for an accounting firm
  • Medicare billing rejections for a home healthcare organization
  • Waste in the isometric drawing production process for an engineering design firm
  • Risk of IT security threats in a pipeline control system
  • Environmental impact of batch chemical processes
  • Payroll processing errors for bi-weekly employees
  • Noncompliance with having TB tests administered within 7 days