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The Construction Management Certificate provides fundamental skills to manage construction costs, schedules, and contracts. The program is designed to assist working professionals (e.g., Project Controls Specialist, Estimators, Schedulers, Contract Administrators, Construction/Field Engineers, Field Superintendents, and Construction/Project Managers) to reach their goals by attaining higher technical skills.

To earn the CM Certificate, you must complete four online courses:

  1. CMCP05 - Construction Management Principles - An overview of the Construction Management areas of knowledge. (Deadline: July 30)
  2. CMCP10 - Contract Administration - Contract documents and issues to administering construction contracts. (Deadline: July 30)
  3. CMCP20 - Construction Cost Estimating - Preparation for cost estimates, bid analysis and the use of estimating software. (Deadline: Dec 15)
  4. CMCP30 - Planning and Scheduling - Planning and scheduling techniques, and the use of commercial scheduling software. (Deadline: Dec 15)

These courses are truly online (not distant education). This means that you can logon to the UH system from any place in the world, at any time, and work at your own pace. Each course is made out of a number of modules. Each module consists of a number of slides assisted with the instructor’s voice to explain and discuss the materials presented. After completing each module you take an online quiz. At the end of the semester you take an online comprehensive final exam that covers all modules. Although these courses are designed as self-paced online classes, contacting the instructor for further assistance is always welcomed.

Practically, the four courses could be completed in 2 semesters (15 weeks each). However, students are free to complete the certificate in longer time based on their workload. The first two courses (CMCP05 & CMCP10) are offered in the fall semester (August-Dec) and the summer semester (May-August), and the second two courses (CMCP20 & CMCP30) in the spring semester (Jan-May). The summer dates include (May – August) & Courses for Summer are (CMCP05 & CMCP10). Taking the courses in this order is recommended, but not mandatory. The course syllabi are enclosed for more details. Please note that the posted syllabi are only for guidance since syllabi are updated periodically.

Once you completed these four courses you receive a Certificate Diploma issued by the College of Technology Department of Construction Management. The Diploma shows that you have completed 160 instructional hours and earned 16 Continuing Education Units (CEUs). The knowledge gained in the Certificate courses prepares you to sit for licensing exams such as the CPC (offered by The American Institute of Constructors-AIC), PMP (offered by The Project Management Institute-PMI), and similar licensing exams. Certainly adding these certifications to a resume makes it more marketable. However, you should also consult the licensing agency of your choice for more details on the licensing exam.

To enroll in the CM Certificate Program, please fax the application to the Fax Number shown on the Application Form. The fax number on the application is secured, and a student can fax the application any time day or night.

For further assistance, please contact:
Fax: 713-743-0602
Email: cmcertificate@uh.edu