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Student Organizations

Organizations for Students in the College of Technology


Student Organizations are a wonderful way to get involved with other students, faculty and community members who share your interests and career goals.

The College of Technology hosts numerous student organizations, some of them reflecting larger national or international professional organizations and some which are unique to our college.

Membership in the honor societies is by invitation only and is based on academic merit.


Student membership in the professional organizations is available to students who are in accredited programs that relate to that of the mission of the professional organization. Usually dues are required, as is a certain minimal course load in the area of your major.

The College of Technology also hosts the following student organizations with local activities.

Student Organizations

ABC (Associated Builders and Contractors Student Chapters) - for those interested in the construction management programs.
AGC - Associated General Contractors of America.
FITP (Future Information Technology Professionals) - For those in the computer information systems program or any other IT related programs.
ASME - American Society of Mechanical Engineers.
DECA (Collegiate DECA) - for those interested in the retailing and consumer science programs.
FSAE (Formula Society of Automotive Engineers) - for those interested in automotive engineering.
GCEAUH (Graphic Communications Education Association)
IEEE (Institute for Electrical and Electronics Engineers) - for those interested in the computer engineering or electrical power programs.
SBE (Society for Biological Engineering) - for those interested in the biotechnology program.
SETS - Succeed in Engineering Technology Scholars. SHPE (Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers).
SIDO (Supply-chain Industry and Distribution Organization) - for those interested in the logistics technology programs.
SME The Society of Manufacturing Engineers is a great way to connect with the industry through technical lectures, plant tours, and conferences.
SSHRD (Student Society of Human Resource Development) - for those interested in human resources development programs.
WiCS UH - Women in Cyber Security.
CWIC - Cougars for Women In Construction

Those in the technology supervision program might also be interested in one of the student societies listed above, depending upon the area of their course emphasis.

Some of these societies do not require a certain major, so in those cases you are also free to join merely out of an interest in that area. See the specific requirements for the society to find out the details.

Student Organization Events Calendar