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Our brand is the public face of the College of Technology.  The purpose of this style guide is to unify all of the distinctive department, programs, and entities who manage various aspects of content creation and delivery. The impact of our brand identity depends on our cohesiveness and consistency. 

Brand Value

Successful branding clearly reinforces the differentiated value of the College of Technology. We have the power to be recognized as the undeniable first choice among technology programs throughout the world.



We are designed to build skills that can be applied to industry with immediate effect. Engineering, applied. IT, applied. Construction, applied. Retail, applied.

Technology. Applied.

Where engineers are responsible for designing many of the systems that support society today, our graduates will be responsible for running those systems. We are the embodiment of an applied knowledge.


College of Technology graduates are ready for work. They are ready to join industry and make an impact. They are meticulously prepared over the prior four years to have an understanding of the wider issues that surround their chosen area of expertise. They are commercially aware. They are well rounded. They are ready.


The College of Technology is going places. Houston is going places. The University of Houston is going places. Texas is going places. There is an unmistakable sense of momentum that is felt clearly by all. That the College of Technology is on the rise is undeniable.


No other College of Technology in the US provides its’ graduates with the same well-rounded education than that of the University of Houston College of Technology. There is a sense of a handcrafted education, built with the goal of advancing careers. The College of Technology has business programs designed to teach students commercial skills. There are programs in IT and cyber security. There are programs in retail, human potential and soft skills alongside the programs in engineering technology and construction management. When a student joins the College of Technology, they are joining an institution that specializes in crafting careers, in building well rounded, marketable skills among students.


Working with the UH brand, College of Technology tagline, and iconography in a consistent manner is critical to telling our story succinctly and effectively.

The primary tagline, Ingenuity Applied is the overall branding for the College of Technology.



Font Type: League Gothic Regular
Font color: Open
All caps
Spacing between the letters approx 20
Period at the end

Ingenuity Applied.

Font Type: League Gothic Regular
Font color: Open
Upper and lowercase caps
Default letter spacing
Period at the end


The secondary tagline, Undeniably Exceptional, is used in reference to our students.



Font Type: League Gothic Regular
Font color: Open
All caps
Spacing between the letters approx 20
Period at the end

Undeniably Exceptional.

Font Type: League Gothic Regular
Font color: Open
Upper and lowercase caps
Default letter spacing
Period at the end
Recommend using only one tagline per campaign.

Icon, Symbol or Graphic Element (Not A Logo)

The gyroscope represents motion, direction and orientation. It is an long standing instrument of technology with important applications in automation, positioning and navigation today. It is stability in motion. It is a piece of ingenuity which in application has changed and advanced many a field and technologist.

Pantone Red 186C


Reversed White over Black

Red over Black

Reversed White over Red

Black over Red

Colors and Typography

Primary Palette | 80% - 90%

Red 186C



Pantone Cool Gray 8

Accent Colors | 10% - 20%

Pantone 339 C

Pantone 7408 C

Pantone 7499 C

Pantone 704 C

Pantone 328 C

Pantone 1245 C

Pantone 425 C

Pantone 490 C

Pantone 3305 C


Headline and Tagline



Milo Extralight
Milo Extralight Italic
Milo Regular
Milo Italic
Milo Bold
Milo Bold Italic
Milo Black
Milo Black Italic

Body Copy

Crimson Regular
Crimson Italic
Crimson Semibold
Crimson Semibold Italic
Crimson Bold
Crimson Bold Italic


In addition, updated College of Technology branding templates have been created for use in the Adobe InDesign software program, which is used by most graphic designers. The formats are readily available. When you are ready to have a piece created, please consult with the marketing communications team or complete a project request.

Download Zone

The links below provide access to various other templates.