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The College of Technology is excited to present TechConnect. This tool will allow students to upload their resume, research companies, and apply for jobs and internships.

*You must be a current College of Technology major in register in TechConnect.

Exploring Your Options

Exploring what you want to do for a career can be exciting, surprising, tedious, enlightening, frightening, frustrating, and satisfying - sometimes all at the same time! Technology is at the forefront of our rapidly changing world so, as a student in the College of Technology, your career options are likely to be in a fast-paced and exciting field.

However, it is only exciting if you find it to be exciting, which begins with the challenge of mapping out your career. Know yourself and your likes and dislikes well enough to determine your interests. Ask yourself how important how well will these career goals fit into your overall life goals. At times, these decisions can seem overwhelming, since the direction of technology is often unpredictable. The best that anyone can do is making an informed decision.

There are many options available to help you become more informed about career opportunities. Consult our web resources page for some of the best web sites.

Work Experience

One of the dilemmas in starting out in a career stems from the adage "You can't get a job until you get experience and you can't get experience until you get a job". As a result, it is often advantageous to be open to experiences that may not exactly what you had pictured for yourself but may lead to greater knowledge about yourself and the career you are seeking.

Some of the activities that you might consider to help create these positive experiences could include:

  • Volunteering at a non-profit or charitable organization in a way that can use the technical or social skills that you want to build.
  • Joining one of the numerous student organizations within the college or the university. Meet other students and employers who share your common interests and have a lot of fun in the process.
  • Doing some self-study. Utilize the vast resources available to you from the UH libraries, the Internet and the City of Houston. Some of our favorite resources are available on our web resources page.