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Online Petition Submission

There are three types of petition forms: The General Petition form (Undergraduate Only), Undergraduate transfer credit petition form , and the Graduate petition form.

General Petition Form (Undergraduate only)

The general petition form is used for a variety of issues including but not limited to:

  • Changes to academic records
  • Course overload request
  • Course substitution (only involving UH classes)
  • Degree requirement exception
  • Discontinuing a major or minor

Undergraduate Transfer Credit Petition Form

The undergraduate transfer petition form may be used to have transfer credit evaluated as a UH equivalent class or core requirement.

Please follow these guidelines when submitting a petition for transfer credit:

      1. Fill out the undergraduate transfer petition form.
      2. Attach the following documents to the petition:
        1. Your transfer credit summary (available through your myUH account).
        2. Course description from the institution where you received credit for the transfer course.
        3. Course syllabus from the institution where your received credit for the transfer course.

Graduate Petition Form

For Graduate Students, please complete the Graduate and Professional Studies Petition form

Please consult with your Graduate advisor in regards to submitting a graduate petition. You can contact your grad advisor by emailing, or by looking up your grad advisor

Online petition submission Portal instructions

College of Technology majors must complete the petition form, electronically or physically sign the petition, and must upload it through our Online petition submission portal.(Note: To access the Online petition submission portal, you will need to log in with your cougarnet credentials. That would be your

College of Technology Advising will send the petition to the appropriate department or college for evaluation. Undergraduate transfer petitions take approximately 4-6 weeks to review.

Please be clear and succinct in writing your petition request in the explanation section of the general petition. Some requests require documents to support your request. College of Technology Advising can assist you with submitting the petition.

An advisor's recommendation to submit a petition does not imply that the petition will be approved. The petition is not approved until the college dean's representative or, for some issues, the representative of the university provost office has approved the petition.