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Blackboard Course Self Review

The Blackboard Course Self Assessment Form/Checklist is adapted from the Quality Matters Rubric and has been created to assist you in reviewing your course and identifying and determining that all your course components are present and meet Quality Matters Standards. In addition, using the checklist will provide you with the ability to enhance and improve your course. To receive a copy of the checklist, please contact Bouchra Bakach 

Using the Checklist

The form/checklist covers eight different standards; each standard is listed with some examples of items that could meet the standard or descriptions to clarify the standard. The Value section provides the importance of each standard. All essential standards are worth 3 points, very important standards are worth 2 points and important standards are worth 1 point. As you begin to review your course, check if the standard was met, how the standard was met and its location within your course, and any notes/revisions you have as you go through each standard.


• Point out elements that work well in addition to areas where feedback or suggestions would be helpful. It is not necessary to respond to every item. If an item does not apply to your discipline or course, please provide a short explanation.

• Be sure to link to the review term. Provide a course “map” or outline that describes the alignment between course goals, learning objectives, assessments, course content, and assignments.

Once completed, please return the Self-Review evaluation form to Bouchra Bakach at 

For more information about the Quality Matters program at UH or the College of Technology, please contact the CoT Office of Instructional Design