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Educational Technologies (Ed-Tech) are digital tools which can be used to strengthen and improve instruction in both traditional and online learning environments. These tools can be used to assist in designing and delivering educational content as well as in the assessment of learning. In addition to Blackboard, CoT-ID office supports faculty with a wide range of Ed-Tech tools. The CoT-ID team provides training, best practices, ideas and strategies on how to implement these tools into online, blended, or face-to-face courses. 

Are you interested in exploring an Ed-Tech tool? Are you looking to incorporate an Ed-Tech tool into your course? Consult with us! We will work with you to identify the best Ed-Tech tool to facilitate and enrich your instruction and fills your needs. 

  • CoT Supported Tools icon

    CoT Supported Tools

    These tools are fully supported by the college of Technology (CoT) and can be used in a variety of pedagogical approaches to enhance student engagement and overall successful learning outcome.

  • Other Tools Icon

    Other Tools

    These educational technology tools are not supported by CoT, and there is no formal support system in place. However, CoT-ID team is always available to discuss with you their potential uses.