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  • Beginning of Semester Checklist

    The beginning of semester checklist walks faculty through everything they need to take care of at the start of each semester. From requesting your course to sending a welcome email to your students, the checklist will help you get off to a good start each semester.
  • End of Semester Checklist

    The end of semester checklist guides faculty through wrapping up their course(s) and completing the necessary processes at the end of each semester, such as grading, submitting final grades in Blackboard and Faculty Center. 
  • Remote Teaching Toolkit

    The Remote Teaching Toolkit contains a list of tools recommended for converting your face to face course to a remote delivery format. These tools are supported by the University of Houston and the College of Technology
  • Syllabus

    Learn more about the syllabus and tips on how to ensure that your students have actually read it. You may also use this syllabus template which is in Microsoft Word and structured so that it is fully accessible when saved to a PDF. It is designed so that instructors could easily insert their information and be assured that their syllabus meets accessibility and UH minimum requirements. 
  • Copyright

    Course materials posted online are subject to copyright law, even if they are posted in a password-restricted system such as Blackboard. Know your Copyright. Resources for faculty and teaching assistants in higher education are available from the University of Houston Libraries
  • Rubric Tool

    A Rubric is an important tool that should be used to evaluate graded work. This page offers instructions and Rubric Templates that are available for download. 
  • Tips of the Week

    The Instructional Design Office will periodically be emailing a Tip of the Week regarding teaching and the use of educational technology tools. These tips can act as a quick resource and offer ideas you can implement in your face to face, hybrid, or online teaching. This page hosts the previous tips of the week.  
  • Bloom's Taxonomy

    This list of Action Words for Bloom's Taxonomy can guide you in creating your learning objectives, which are important to establish in your course. This table includes many action words for each level of Bloom's Taxonomy including Knowledge, Understand, Apply, Analyze, Evaluate, and Create.