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Services We Offer

  • Course Design/Redesign Icon

    Course Design/Redesign

    The COT-ID Team provides guidance in designing and redesigning courses that utilize best practices. We also can recommend technologies and available resources.
  • Innovative Teaching Consultations Icon

    Innovative Teaching Consultations

    Find out about current research & best practices on learning and innovative teaching technologies that support Active Learning.
  • QM Course Review Icon

    QM Course Review

    Our ID team have completed Quality Matters (QM) Using the Rubric training, so more support regarding QM will be coming soon.
  • Classroom Teaching Observation Icon

    Classroom Teaching Observation

    Obtain feedback on your teaching in order to inform your future planning, lessons, activities, and pedagogical approaches.
  • Blackboard Support Icon

    Blackboard Support

    Blackboard assistance with new course development, utilization of Blackboard tools, and using the system to meet your needs.
  • Edu-Technology Resources Icon

    Edu-Technology Resources

    Select the appropriate education technology tools to meet your goals, learn how to use them and implement them effectively in your classroom.



Dr. Bouchra Bakach
Instructional Designer 3



Keashundria Porterfield

Instructional Designer 1


Email: Kporterfield@uh.edu