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Biking resources

Bike Share

In Fall 2018, the campus connected to Houston BCycle with 6 stations on campus. Students, faculty, and staff can take advantage of discounts on the bike share program. Visit our UH BCycle Partnership page for more details.

Bringing Your Bike to Campus


  • To bring your Bike to UH campus it is mandatory to register it through Parking and Transporation Services
  • Registration only takes a few simple steps and does much to protect you from becoming the victim of bicycle theft. However, registration, along with adequate locking mechanisms, significantly decreases the likelihood your bicycle will be stolen.
  • Registration is free.
  • You can register in person or by visitng the UH Parking and Transporation Services Webpage
  • Link to register:


  • Proper conduct from cyclists can greatly reduce conflicts with other street and sidewalk users on campus.
  • Cyclists are expected to operate in a safe, courteous manner at all times. When passing from behind, warn pedestrians verbally or with a bell. Do not speed excessively, and use caution when cycling in densely populated areas. Yield to pedestrians at all times, and be wary of pedestrians with headphones that may not be aware of your presence.
  • If riding on the street or in a bike lane, use appropriate hand signals to indicate turns. The most easily recognizable method is to indicate a right or left turn by extending the corresponding arm straight outwards horizontally for 2-3 seconds. This should be done before you reach the turn so that you can steer with both hands while turning.
  • For more on bike and vehicle safety, view these short videos from Share the Road Texas.


  • Unattended bicycles should be secured to a bike rack at all times. Bicycles secured to objects other than bike racks, such as trees, lampposts, signs, railings, etc., are subject to removal.
  • It is highly recommended to use a solid U-shaped lock to secure your bicycle, as cable locks can be cut much more easily. Thread the lock through the frame and one of the wheels (as pictured below). You can also use a cable to secure the second wheel.
  • Be aware of any parts on your bike, such as the seat and wheels, which can be removed without the use of tools. Consider using more permanent attachments to keep thieves from removing parts from your bicycle.


  • Five bicycle maintenance stations are located at different residence halls throughout campus. They are equipped with a variety of tools, including tire levers, a bike pump, various wrenches, screwdrivers and a stand to support the bike itself.
  • Two of these repair stations can be accessed by anyone while the others require card access to the residence hall. These two are by Moody Towers, below the entrance to the Fresh Food Company, and by the entrance to Cougar Village II. Bicycle parts cannot currently be purchased anywhere on campus.
  • The closest bike shops to the University are Blue Line Bike Labs, located at 740 Telephone Road, and Bayou City Cycles, located at 1303 Cullen Blvd. They are each about 2 miles from campus.
  • Any problems with bike racks or bike maintenance stations can be reported to Facilities via FIX-IT.
  • Additional information for cyclists can be found at and


The below image is an example of securing the frame and the back wheel with a U-shaped lock.


 Additional Resources

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