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Proctor & Make-up Exam Request

The Campus Support Services department at UH Sugar Land currently provides Proctors and support services for ITV exams, make-up exams, and accommodation for extended exam time on campus.

To allow the adequate processing time for your request, please submit the following form at minimum five business days prior to the exam date.

If you have questions or need additional information, call 832-842-2940 or e-mail the Campus Support Services department at

UH Faculty requesting accommodation exam services - Please note that a special process with the Center for Students with DisABILITIES must be followed. Please contact the center at either 713-743-5400 or

Instructor Contact Information
- -
(Prefix and number)
Exam Information
 ITV Exam  Make-Up  Extended Exam Time
Yes No, I already have a room reserved
/ /
Yes No
Hours and Minutes
Exam Processing

Please include any additional information such as a fax number, Department Secretary name, or other delivery instructions.

Special Instructions

Resources allowed in the testing room: (check all that apply)

Only basic testing supplies (pens, pencils, scantrons, or bluebooks)
 Textbooks  Calculator  Laptop computer  Class notes  Dictionary  Thesaurus

Additional instructions: