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Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to the frequently asked questions from the Parking and Transportation Town Hall meetings on April 9 and April 10.

Where will the revenue from sold Sugar Land parking tags go?

The revenue will go towards maintaining and expanding parking at Sugar Land. The tags are offered at a reduced rate. The parking projects are subsidized by revenue from the main campus lots. Without the subsidizing, the rate would have been at least 45% higher.

Can we park at the visitor parking lot in front of the Library?

The gated visitor lot costs $2 per hour with a maximum of $14 per day. The parking tags will not grant access to these spots. Colleges/Departments will have the option to purchase coupon books of 20 validated tickets at a discount (amounts to $9 per day) if they would like to incur the cost of parking for their guest.

Will there be a designated parking area for faculty and staff?

Not at this time. Options will be considered for future plans. Designated parking lots are at the main campus, but the number of daily empty spots is too large to implement at Sugar Land at this time. Mixing the faculty and staff spots with everyone else maximizes the available spots for everyone.

Will an additional day lot be built? Will parking be expanded to accommodate the incoming College of Technology students?

We are evaluating all options. We are also discussing options with Fort Bend County to potentially expand towards the Festival site.

Will visitors park in same lot as library patrons? How are visitors differentiated from Library patrons?

Yes. The library will validate parking for its patrons

How much does it cost to park in the Smart Financial Centre lot?

The Smart Financial Centre lot is free and a tag is not required.

Concern: we are losing the parking spots in front of the Library.

Visitors and library patrons have already been using the spots around the campus. Similar to the Park & Ride patrons, they are now being consolidated in a single area on campus.

Concern: There are not enough handicap spaces on campus.

There are currently 35 on campus. The new parking projects will add at least 10 handicap spaces.

Concern: If visitors have to pay for parking, prospective students will be deterred by a parking fee to come on campus to receive advising/information.

The visitor parking does not charge for visits under 30 minutes. Departments can also look into purchasing reserved spots. Reserved spots cost $1,020 annually.

When will day lot 1 be paved and how long will it take?

Plans are to have it paved during the summer.

Will staff who are also students at the main campus have to pay for two permits?

No. Those staff will not be double charged. A student tag at the main campus is valid at Sugar Land.

What plans are there for day lot 2?

Day lot 2 will be evaluated after the construction of new building in Sugar Land. Future parking plans are dependent on the campus master plan.

Will the rate increase?

Every two years Parking and Transportation proposes new rates to the Board of Regents based on parking needs and costs. Increases are likely especially if more parking lots will need to be built.

What type of tag will we receive?

The tag can hang from the rear view mirror and can be easily transferred between multiple vehicles you drive.

Will I have to pay for separate tags for this Summer and Fall?

Parking will remain free for Summer 2019. Parking rates will go into effect for Fall 2019.

Concern: How can community college students afford university prices for parking?

Conversations are still going on with Wharton County Junior College

How will buses of students on field trips be accommodated?

Will look into. They could possibly use the Smart Financial Centre parking lot

Will the number of permits sold have a limit? Will I be guaranteed a space?

An oversell factor will be implemented to most effectively manage the space inventory and demand for permits. There will not be guaranteed parking.

What if I don’t want to pay for a permit until the day before I need it? Will I still be guaranteed a space?

Faculty and staff can request a permit now and they won’t be charged until Fall if they select the payroll deduction option. There are no guarantees for a parking space

Will the faculty and staff assigned to Sugar Land be given early access to purchase parking tags?

Faculty/staff and student permits will go on sale at the same time, April 16.

Will a parking tag be required for the Katy location?


Concern: What about Wharton County Junior College students that take classes at multiple campus (Sugar Land, Richmond, etc.)? Some students are taking only 1 class at Sugar Land.

We will add that to the list of talking points with Wharton County Junior College administration.

How many new spots will be added and will it cover the immediate growth we have?

Approximately 250 spots will be added. Additional projects will occur to expand the parking.

When will a solution be ready for Wharton County Junior College faculty, staff and students?

We are waiting to hear back from Wharton County Junior College administration.

What payment options will be available for Wharton County Junior College?

Exploring different options including an option for semester tags.

Will there be a grace period for the start of the Fall semester?

The parking enforcement will be eased in as this is new to Sugar Land. Eventually parking will be enforced like it is on the main campus: i.e., no grace period.

How much are violations?

Violations at UH at Sugar Land will be the same as those at the University of Houston campus. For more information visit

Will there be a dedicated shuttle for the Smart Financial Centre lot?


We can use the App to find out if it’s close to the Smart Financial Centre parking lot?

Yes. It is a free app available to the public. The app can be downloaded at Students can use the UH GO app to track the shuttle as well.

Concern: This town hall was not communicated to Wharton County Junior College students.

We are working out the details with Wharton County Junior College administration and can hold more Town Hall meetings in future.

Concern: Wharton County Junior College has a number of free programs and the students in those programs cannot afford parking.

We will look into that.

Could parking lanes be painted in the days lots to maximize the number of spots there now?

There isn’t a sustainable or long-lasting way to paint the lot. The painted lines won’t stay because the gravel will shift and the weather will wash it away.

Parking and Transportation Services (PTS) is expanding the COAST Carpool Program to Sugar Land.

COAST is a carpooling incentive that offers a discounted rate on a “shared parking pass”. One parking pass is issued to the group. The pass can be passed between the vehicles of the registered users.

3 People Discount

  • 50% discount ($142.50)
  • $142.50 ÷ 3 = $47.50 per person

4 People Discount

  • 75% discount ($73.53)
  • $73.53 ÷ 4 = $18.38 per person

What will happen to the Fort Bend County Park & Ride?

Fort Bend County Park & Ride patrons will be directed to park in the back portion of Lot 3 only.