SSTMA Welcome - University of Houston
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When : May 6 – 20, 2023
Where: Hilton University Houston on the University of Houston Campus

The Security & Strategic Trade Management Academy is a comprehensive two-week course of instruction designed to promote best practices in global non-proliferation efforts, strategic trade controls, and program management. It enables participants to increase their mastery of the skills essential to successful strategic trade management while strengthening foreign governments' capabilities and commitments to counterproliferation. Participants will benefit from best practices and insights from seasoned professionals in the areas of international law, public policy, supply chain, logistics, transportation policy, and cybersecurity. 

The Security & Strategic Trade Management Academy is hosted by an exceptional team of experienced subject matter experts drawn from the University of Houston; the Borders, Trade and Immigration Institute; and Culmen International, LLC.


In the letter of invitation to the Security and Strategic Trade Management Academy that you received from the U.S. Department of State, there is a six alpha-numeric character access code.  To register and gain access to this website, click on Register/Login and input the access code.  

For general inquiries, please contact