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Marie Arcos Marie Arcos is currently the Executive Vice President, Government and Community Affairs at YMCA of Greater Houston. marie-arcos-0c842e02.jpg
Jennifer Battle Jennifer Battle is currently the Director of Access at The Harris Center for Mental Health and IDD in Houston, Texas. Jennifer oversees The Harris Center Access Center which includes the Access Line and the Crisis Line which serves as the crisis line for 34 Texas counties is the local provider of the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline. jennifer-battle_180.jpg
Alesandra (Ali) Lozano Alesandra (Ali) Lozano is the Voting Rights Outreach Coordinator at the Texas Civil Rights Project where she develops and implements legal advocacy initiatives in response to shifts in federal, local, and state policies affecting voting rights. Ali comes to TCRP with extensive campaign experience and roots in community organizing. She became especially passionate about voting rights policy while working to execute the University of Houston Graduate College of Social Work’s first-ever Voter Engagement and Political Justice Initiative. She has previously worked for the LGBTQ Victory Fund and the Texas Freedom Network and has served on three boards (local, statewide, and national respectively) for organizations working to advance LGBTQ equality and reproductive justice. Ali holds a BA in International Affairs from The George Washington University, a Masters in Political Social Work from the University of Houston Graduate College of Social Work, and a diploma in Campaign Management from the Women’s Campaign School at Yale University. jennifer-battle_180.jpg
Melanie Toarmina Pang Melanie Toarmina Pang currently serves as the Government Relations Officer of the Houston Food Bank. She advocates for policies that address root causes of poverty and food insecurity, leveraging relationships and resources for social change. 180-melanie-pang---pride-portraits.jpg
Chau Nguyen Chau Nguyen is the Chief Public Strategies Officer for the Houston Area Women’s Center, tasked with managing and expanding key partnerships while positioning HAWC as thought leaders in order to drive broad awareness of domestic violence and sexual assault, with a goal of reducing interpersonal violence and changing cultural norms about how survivors are understood. 180-melanie-pang---pride-portraits.jpg
Helen Stagg Helen Stagg is Chief Executive Officer of Change Happens, a community-based social service organization in Houston. She is responsible for operational planning and management, program operations and oversight, addressing strategic organizational issues, human resources planning and management, financial planning and management, and community relations and advocacy. 180-melanie-pang---pride-portraits.jpg